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Haunted Remix Final 16bit 44k
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Sandra Effert embraces endearing indie pop to craft heartfelt snapshots of love, loss, and longing. Driven by colorful and spellbinding piano compositions, her songs spark a journey through the nuances of human emotion. Effert’s captivating voice reckons with despair and transcends heartache into healing with tangible sincerity.


Nestled in the vibrant artistic oasis of Grand Rapids, Effert began her work as a professional musician in 2016 by honing her craft at intimate open mics and shaping her music into engaging live performances. Her artistry is empowering and self-reflective, providing a space for listeners to explore vulnerability and find a momentary escape through immersive melodies.


As her musical imprint on West Michigan grows Effert plans to continue shaping songs for the stage, the record, and the sprawling pages of her own notebook. 


In 2019 Effert released the EP “River Rocks,” a deeply personal account of haunting memories and wistful apparitions. The album is composed of lush instrumentation and showcases a collection of songs that solidify Effert as a flourishing songwriter with a natural ability to breathe life into her work. 


Effert has been featured on eightWest and performed at notable venues including Founders Brewing Company and The Intersection for the 2020 Jammie Awards.

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