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Driving You Crazy (sample track)
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With writing styles derived from artists such as Ingrid Michaelson and Brandi Carlile - Sandra Effert’s energetic and soulful music portrays her unique perspective into personal and emotional stories from her own life’s experiences. 


From catchy, whimsical sonnets to deep, enduring ballads, her lyrics paint an enigmatic and vulnerable picture of not only the life she has lived, but the life she intends on living.  


Sharing a similar sound vocally to that of Carole King, Sandra accompanies her vocals with a deliberate, passionate and complex backing of piano. Together they captivate listeners, not only allowing them to share both her joy and excitement at doing what she loves, but also giving them a deeper glimpse into what makes Sandra Effert into the unique and talented artist she has become.

copyright Sandra Effert 2019