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Individualized piano and voice lessons for ages 5+


Hi, I’m Sandra.

I have been playing piano since I was five years old, have been writing and performing for 15 years, and teaching for five years. I just moved to Clemson, SC in July 2022. Whether you or your children are complete beginners, intermediate players, or want to explore new styles, I love helping my students find their artistic voice.


For piano lessons, I use a mixture of three different curricula, depending on the student’s strengths, and often also go off book to strengthen ear training and a deeper understanding of music theory. My teaching style is very tailored to each student, since everyone learns differently, and everyone CAN learn, regardless of “natural talent”.


Voice lessons vary greatly according to a student’s experience. Beginner lessons are a lot about exploring sounds we can make and getting used to rhythm and pitch. With experienced singers, we work on technique, such as using your breath, diaphragm, and registers to reach your full potential.


Additionally, I have a diploma in audio engineering and can teach how to set up YouTube videos, help with writing songs, and recording/mixing simple compositions.


I would love to answer any questions you have or get you on the schedule if you’re ready to commit.

Thank you for your interest. I am living abroad until August 2024 and will not be taking any new students until at least September 2024. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and thank you again for your interest.

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